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Digital Customer Experience Studies

Digital Customer Experience

Digital insurance shopping is a competitive landscape, rapidly growing and shifting to meet dynamic consumer demands and preferences. For carriers, brokers, and others, providing an effective and compelling digital customer experience is crucial.

ACORD is conducting a comprehensive series of studies identifying and screening thousands of websites across multiple geographies and lines of business. Using a proprietary methodology, we evaluate the top sites based on measurable criteria around user experience, functionality, and underlying strategy.

Survey Methodology

ACORD's persona-driven evaluations are built around a comprehensive portfolio of demographic and psychographic factors, providing a more detailed, complete, and insurance-specific approach than other studies of this kind. Websites are assessed using over 100 scoring criteria across three primary dimensions:

  • Engagement: Does the site show superior cross-industry design? Is the navigation process intuitive? Does the digital brand align with strategy?
  • Enablement: Does functionality exceed expectations? Is there strong support across process? Are there superior omnichannel capabilities?
  • Strategic & Tactical: How high are quote and conversion rates? How fast and reliable is the quote generation process? What are the perceived underlying strategies?

Both single-user and multi-user surveys are utilized to evaluate the sites, resulting in tens of thousands of total impressions. A proprietary screening and scoring methodology is used to rank the candidate websites on overall digital customer experience.


By analyzing the survey results, ACORD has identified the common characteristics associated with delivery of quality digital customer experience in various geographies and lines of business. Observations so far have included:

  • The overall performance of US and UK insurers relative to other geographies
  • The relationship between successful Engagement and Enablement
  • The performance of aggregators compared to carriers and brokers
  • The likelihood of consumers in different markets to act as brand advocates
  • The importance of perceived underlying strategic intent to customer satisfaction

ACORD has presented the results globally in conferences and symposiums, as well as in accompanying Strategic Reports. ACORD also annually presents the top-ranking UK company in the survey with the Best Digital Customer Experience Award at the Insurance Times Awards.