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ACORD Next-Generation Digital Standards

November 2023

Advances in digital transformation have once again changed the essential nature of data exchange—in formats, quantity, structure, and value. Data consistency, quality, standardization, and structure have become more crucial today than ever before, and data-driven organizations have the potential to thrive in this environment.

In order to help our members to fully leverage emerging and future technologies, ACORD has developed Next-Generation Digital Standards. By enabling microservices and RESTful APIs, these new ACORD Standards can support fine-grained business transactions involving mobile apps, Internet of Things, distributed ledgers, and more.

This white paper discusses the industry trends and member needs leading to the creation of the Next-Gen Digital Standards; the development principles and framework; Standard releases to date; and the experiences of early adopters. This white paper is available free of charge to all ACORD members and non-members.