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ACORD Connect 2023 Session Downloads

Video recordings and PDF versions of selected sessions originally presented at ACORD Connect 2023 are available free of charge to ACORD members and conference attendees. Sessions include:

  • The ABCs of Leveraging Industry Standards: EDI, XML and JSON in L&A
  • ACORD R&D Spotlight: Identifying Global Trends, Challenges & Opportunities
  • Blueprint Two and You: Connectivity Readiness for the London Market
  • Building a Global Tech Toolbox: How Vendors Are Working Together to Equip Their Clients for Success
  • Global Automated Data Exchange: Looking Back at Successes and Forward to Transformation
  • A Global Digital Revolution: Technology Breaking Down Barriers
  • Harnessing the Power of Intelligent Document Processing
  • One Standard, Two Standard, Red Standard, Blue Standard
  • A Plethora of P&C: Lines of Business Around the Globe
  • Reference Architecture: Land, Locations, and Lifeforms